Simon Bray
  • Dream Evil: Six. Quite a low-key return, it's not the most immediate album in the work but it is thunderous.

  • Orden Ogan: The Book of Ogan. I was a bit down on this when I reviewed it last year. Time for reappraisal.

  • Delain: Moonbathers. Another one which has been up for reappraisal recently.

  • Ayreon: The Source. I find some of Arjen Anthony Lucassen's work a bit hit and miss. This is magnificent.

  • The Quireboys: Homewreckers & Heartbreakers. I love this band and this lost album with a kick-ass expanded version is brilliant.

  • Body Count: Bloodlust. 59 year old multi-millionaire, model-shagging Ice T is still mildly irked by what's going down in the hood. Crunching metal.

  • Blondie: Pollinator. Fantastic power pop. Clem Burke is the most underrated drummer in the world.

    I had tickets for KISS in Manchester which tragically, was cancelled.

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