Simon Bray
  • Tangerine Dream: Quantum Gate. This would have been high up on my 2017 Best Of List if I hadn't had to submit before I actually got this one. It's what late nights were invented for!

  • Blood Red Saints: Love Hate Conspiracies. I see this one getting a good review later in the month.

  • Arch Enemy: As the Stages Burn! I played this one very loudly last night and probably annoyed the neighbours.

  • Warren Zevon: Excitable Boy. Acerbic words and the best session players. What's not to love?

  • HammerFall: Glory To The Brave - 20 Year Anniversary Edition. Expanded vinyl tasty!

  • Paradise Lost: Medusa. Even more fun than the Peter Mullan box set.

  • Two Fires: Burning Bright. Journey-lite melodic rock from 2010. Yikes.

  • Elton John: The Captain and The Kid. I do find Reg's late work very engaging.

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