Simon Bray
I have been on a bit of a southern rock kick (come to mention it, I usually am) and have been digging Skynyrd's God and Guns which I think is the best by the non-original band despite its decidedly dodgy politics. I have also enjoyed .38 Special's Special Delivery, Strength in Numbers and Live at Sturgis. Also in the same genre Grinder Switch's criminally ignored Redwing and the Capricorn Records live compilation Hotels, Motels and Road Shows have been given outings. Little Feat's Time Loves a Hero is spinning away in the corner of the room as I type.

As with many others I am astonished by how great Styx's The Mission is astonished and really pleased.

I am gearing up for the new Arch Enemy album by listening to As the Stages Burn! pretty much every day.

I am loving Status Quo's The Last Night of the Electrics live album although clearly it emphatically wasn't the last night of the electrics!

I got stuck on the motorway and inadvertently listened to the whole of Cher's eponymous album from beginning to end. I forgot how much I loved that album when I was at university.

Lyndsey Buckingham/Christine McVie's new album is as classy as one would expect. Who needs Stevie Nicks?

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