Scott Jessup
  • Candlemass: King Of The Grey Islands, Nightfall, Candlemass and Psalms Of The Dead - All great releases.

  • Kreator: Gods Of Violence: The one thrash album that will be hard to surpass in 2017.

  • Glen Hughes: Resonate - Such an impressive collection on this hard rocking album.

  • Cathedral: The Last Spire, Forest Of Equilibrium, The Carnival Bizarre, Endtyme, The Guessing Game, The VIIth Coming, Caravan Beyond Redemption, Supernatural Birth Machine, The Ethereal Mirror and The Garden Of Unearthly Delights - I sure do hope that these guys one day make a comeback.

  • Joe Bonamassa: Dust Bowl and Blues Of Desperation : Both highly enjoyably albums but what is this fascination with trains?

  • Witchcraft: Legend - Very Cool album.

  • Orchid: Sign Of The Witch - Top classic rocker of an EP.

  • Overkill: The Grinding Wheel - Another in a run of very impressive albums by this long running group.

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