Mark Antony Rossi
Now that my children are in Buffalo with their grandparents for most of the summer I can get some serious writing done. Both album reviews, interview and my philosophy book which is currently in editing stage.

With the help of an Australian chap I got a blog modified and I created it into an international online literary journal. It's been a joy to edit and publish others and nice to make new friends. Ariel Chart is a dream come true and became too busy I had to recruit an associate editor to handle the short fiction. Click Here to Visit Ariel Chart

I've been blessed to review some tremendous releases include Katre, Helker, Anthriel, Seven Kingdoms and Valor. Progressive metal is alive and kicking new butt in the digital age.

As usual I depend on Vangelis and Rush to soothe my savage instincts to eat every gummi bear in the ten mile radius while writing my very best in these AARP years.

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