Mark Antony Rossi
Lately I have been relistening to bands that never reached any real household status but nevertheless made an impact in my life and years later are still cited as important influences.

  • Leatherwolf - incredible guitar players and one hell of a vocalist. Very interesting songs.

  • Heir Apparent I was really expecting them to take off especially with the help of Queensryche.

  • Helloween those Keeper of the Keys albums are classics. I loved them while living in Germany. Their influence is still felt today thirty years later.

  • Vicious Rumors Digital Dictator is a superb album from a great bunch of superb players.

  • Apocrypha The Eyes of Time is perhaps the most intricate and intelligent metal album I have ever come across.

  • Fifth Angel next to Dio no one had such a powerful and profound voice set with a stellar group. Like Dio we lost Ted Pilot too soon but his spirit lives through a musical legacy.

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